Norway Maples

Norway Maple Trees

Norway Maples are popular for growing fast and being extremely cold-resistent. They can grow to a height of 40 to 50 feet.

Their summer foliage is dark green which turns yellow in the fall. It adapts well to a wide range of soil conditions, and its spread may be equal to its height.

Pricing Chart

2" cal. $188.00
2.5" cal. $232.00
3" cal. $280.00
3.5" cal. $300.00
4" cal. $420.00
4.5" cal. $460.00
5" cal. $529.00
5.5" cal. $610.00

We have them available in Emerald Luster or Miller Superform.

Norways from 6" to 12" caliper available as well.